About the ATIT ...

ATIT academy was founded in 2010 and aims to help university students in various disciplines and fields through:... Read More

All that matters to students for bachelor's, master's and PHD degrees
  • Research and Paper

    We teach students how to write research, review paper for publishing, document for graduation projects and thesis, also we supervise them in writing, with checking the quotation from the Internet, the errors in grammar and terminology ... But not writing and delivering to the student!

  • Applied scientific courses

    We specialized in applied scientific courses for students, through these courses, the student can apply many projects during the course and also to help them to complete their graduation projects and gain experience themselves.

  • Master and PhD Thesis

    We work with a master's or doctorate student in step-by-step workshops from the proposal to build the model until extracting the results, analyzing them and discussing the thesis successfully.

    With continuous follow-up during the work, in addition to the possibility of online learning with high quality and efficiency through Skype and Team viewer, so the student can interact with the teacher during the session.

  • Graduation Projects

    With ATIT, we guarantee you excellence in your graduation project with the best idea to suit your university specialization and apply it with the best specialists in step by step workshops  ... and we give the student a certificate of any software was used in completing the project.

Courses Offered