MATLAB for Researcher


Dr. Qais Yousef

Ph.D. in Computer Engineering/ Industrial Automation Systems and Swarm Intelligence

Mobile: +962-795037290



Course Details:  

  • Overview

This course is for researchers and model developers to enrich them with comprehensive knowledge that allow them to be able to work with models, deign them and analyze them. Each student will be worked with individually to start producing a respected project. 

  • Total Time  

30 Hours – 9 Sessions, around 3 hours long each.  

Workshop Sessions:

  • This comprehensive course will be covered over 9 sessions as detailed below:

1. Introduction to MATLAB

2. Installation of MATLAB

3. User Interfaces of MATLAB

4. Basic Calculation

5. Working & variables

6. Essential mathematic functions

7. Working with complex number

8. Vectors

9. Matrices

10. Working with user-made functions and scripts

11. Anonymous Function and function handle

12. Algebraic Calculations

13. Calculus Calculations

14. Programming in MATLAB

15. Understanding Models and Mathematical equations

16. Modeling and Simulation in MATLAB

17. Plotting mathematical models using MATLAB

18. Data and Features Visualization Techniques

19. Distribution Functions

20. Functions Generation

21. Data Fitting

22. Introduction to Image Processing Techniques using MATLAB (Elective)

23. Including: Image cropping, subtraction, dilation, erosion, filling, filtering, edge detection (Elective)

24. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence Techniques using MATLAB (Elective)

25. Including Artificial Neural Network (ANN) 

26. Fuzzy Logic

27. Genetics Algorithm (Elective)

28. Swarm Optimization Algorithms (Elective)

29. For, Image Preprocessing, Feature Extraction, and Classification (Elective)

30. Wireless Sensor Network Environment and schema modeling

31. Clear ways to understand models from published papers and researchers. (Paper selected by student)

32. Convert Mathematical Models into MATLAB Code. (Paper selected by student)

33. And Models testing and evaluation techniques. (Paper selected by student)


  • Complete project will be assigned for students in each session, (aside from the class-shared projects) to work on at home, and is required to submit it at the beginning of every session starting from the 2nd session. The submitted assignments will be discussed in the next session with each student individually.
  • Questions and discussions are highly encouraged during class.  


  • Each student MUST bring in a laptop with Windows OS installed on to every class session.  

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